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Storks deliver babies...or at least they used to. Now they deliver packages for global internet giant Junior, the company's top delivery stork, is about to be promoted when he accidentally activates the Baby Making Machine, producing an adorable and wholly unauthorized baby girl. Desperate to deliver this bundle of trouble before the boss gets wise, Junior and his friend Tulip, the only human on Stork Mountain, race to make their first-ever baby drop - in a wild and revealing journey that could make more than one family whole and restore the storks' true mission in the world. Written by Warner Bros.

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In this animated children's fantasy, two storks (voiced by Kelsey Grammer and Andy Samberg) reveal the truth about their job delivering babies to new parents.

Rating: PG (for mild action and some thematic elements)
Genre: Animation , Comedy , Kids & Family
Written By: Nicholas Stoller
In Theaters: Sep 23, 2016 Wide
Runtime: 87 minutes

Average Rating: 6/10
Reviews Counted: 45
Fresh: 24
Rotten: 21

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WANT TO SEE 94% want to see
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Guess which one is the odd one out and the orphan here. ©Warner Bros. Pictures

From the studio not the people that gave you the LEGO Movie...

So a few days ago I went to watch Storks but since I am a major procrastinator I'm only writing down my thoughts about it today which is actually the day it opens worldwide. Storks which stars among others Kelsey Grammer as Hunter the current head honcho at located on Stork Mountain, Andy Samberg as Junior the up and coming Stork slated to take over from Hunter, Katie Crown as Tulip as the only human working at, Jennifer Aniston and Ty Burrell as Sarah and Henry Gardner owners of Gardner Real Estates and parents to Nate voiced by Anton Starkman is a story about how Nate's desire for a baby brother changes everyone's life.

This is Hunter, the boss. He's going to retire soon and spend the rest of his days bullying little bird. ©Warner Bros. Pictures

It starts with Hunter who calls on Junior, Cornerstore's best delivery stork, to his office to inform him that he's chosen Junior to replace him as the CEO at the next Stork-Con event. But there's a catch, Junior needs to fire Tulip the orphan the only human who works at Cornerstore. Tulip became an orphan when the Jasper (Danny Trejo) the stork that was supposed to deliver her to her parents decides to keep her and during the standoff between him and the other storks he drops the homing beacon that shows her home smashing it to pieces.

Guess what Nate is missing here. ©Warner Bros. Pictures

Nate Gardner on the other hand has parents who are too busy to pay him any attention and since he has no one to play with him at home and a chance peek at a pair of brothers gushing about how they love each other in the next car on the way to dinner, Nate decides he'd like a little brother. Not just a brother mind you, a brother with ninja skills. His parents deciding not to take him seriously especially when he begins to talk about how easy it is, because all babies come delivered by storks, tell him they'll talk about it later. Nate while playing/rummaging in the attic some days later discovers quite conveniently a brochure for what the storks used to do and how to get them to deliver a brand new baby. 

Can you tell why Junior has that look on his face? ©Warner Bros. Pictures

So Nate follows the instructions and a baby shows up and the now defunct baby department at Stork Mountain where the only employee there is Tulip who has been assigned by Junior to take charge of the mail room. The appearance of the baby puts a huge wrench in Junior's ascension plans so they both team up to get the baby delivered before Hunter finds out and well before Stork-Con. In their delivery baby adventures they meet a crazy wolf pack with amazing team work lead by an alpha wolf (Keegan-Michael Key) and a wannabe beta wolf (Jordan Peele). Spied on by a somewhat goofy pigeon with lofty dreams named Pigeon Toady (Stephen Kramer Glickman) and finds out what truly happened on the day that Jasper dropped Tulips homing beacon.

This is a pigeon and he's a toady. ©Warner Bros. Pictures

That being said here's a list of things I enjoyed.

  1. The voice acting. Everyone does a pretty good job. 
  2. The animation. It's beautifully done.
  3. The wolf pack. They were a surprise and they were silly fun.
  4. The babies. They were adorable.
  5. The ending. That was a surprising heartfelt moment.
Oh, look. Creepy penguins. ©Warner Bros. Pictures

Things I didn't find so enjoyable.

  1. The story. It seemed to be a little unfocused. There's the balance that they strike between telling Junior and Tulip's adventures and what Nate does with his parents but you don't really end up investing much in either. 
  2. The humour. There's a few laughs, much too few laughs. For an animation that obviously seems to be targeted at kids there's little fun to be had. There were kids in the cinema that I was watching this in but I didn't hear much gleeful laughter from them. Most of the silly giggles came in the scenes with the wolf pack. 
  3. Something feels a little forced. Not too sure whether it's the relationship between the characters or the humour or maybe both. 
  4. The end sequence where Hunter gets his comeuppance seemed a little too serious and grim for a movie like this. Not too sure who they were trying to impress with that one, can't be the kids.
Guess what they put in here. ©Warner Bros. Pictures

Overall this was a pretty "Meh" experience. The elements are all there but it just doesn't come together all that well. Shiny and cute visuals and a story that doesn't seem to draw you in and because of that no matter what the capable cast does it sorts of ends up a little as I said, unfocused. Who is this movie for? The kids or the adults? Sitting there watching it I have to say I don't think neither seem too impressed by it. So that being said I'm going to give Storks a fair 2.5 out of 5. Maybe the really young kids who are amused by colourful characters on screen might find it fun. Maybe.

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