Monday, December 14, 2015



So the Big Bad Wolf is back again this year. And of course you can be sure that I'll be going. Scratch that. I've gone. Twice. 

So about the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, if you wanted to know more about it you can either hit their website which is or you can visit my blog about it when I went to it last year which is here.

If you actually bothered to read my post from last year you'll know that I'm a book nut and I go every year. Last year I picked up about a dozen books or more. Didn't take pictures of all of them. This year my haul is a little more. Pictures of my haul below. The one little green book not on the pile is what my little lady picked up. 


As usual the book sale takes place in the cavernous halls of the MINES International Exhibition & Convention Center which this year happens from the 7th till the 14th of December and is open 24hrs everyday up till midnight on the 14th. Discounts run from 75- 95% on most if not all books and if you subscribe to one of the sponsors credit cards which in this case (also last year) is Hong Leong Bank you'll get an additional 5% discount if you pay using their cards. As with last year the guys over at Big Bad Wolf claim that they have well over 3.5 million books on sale. I wouldn't argue with them over that fact. And also that everyday they'll add new books to the sale. Another fact I won't pick on.

But it's not just books. To tide over the masses while they pick through the millions of books the organisers have also arranged for a foodcourt on the floor above, but they don't open all night. And of course it isn't just books as you leave you can pick up posters, quirky signages, buttons and stuff for the kids as well.

And since this year the book sale happens the week before the release of the much waited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, they even had a special sale on Star Wars books too. 

Honestly if it wasn't for the folks over at the Big Bad Wolf and their annual 24 hour book sale I don't think I'll be buying books at all. Books on average for a novel cost upwards of RM30 to RM40 for a paperback and for a hardcover upwards of RM50. While at the book sale I'm picking up paperbacks  for RM8 each and for hardcovers upwards of RM 10. So to do a simple calculation for every book that I pick up at a Borders I could be reading 3 to 4 more books. And with the increasing cost of living in this country that makes a huge difference. Doesn't matter if I read them all or not before the next book sale comes around. 

So to the team over at the Big Bad Wolf, I thank you very, very much. Malaysia thanks you very, very much. It wouldn't be much of a stretch if I were to say that if it wasn't for you guys that Malaysians in general wouldn't be reading all that much. 

You can be sure that I'll be back when it comes around next year! For those of you who are crazy about books and want to spend a lot less on them then I suggest you bookmark their website and like their Facebook page


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