Sunday, May 31, 2015

TGV Cinemas Super Hero Bash


So a few weeks ago I went to this little shindig organised by a local multiplex cinema outfit. It's in the title. If you've been visiting and reading my blog you know who they are too since it's one of my favorite cinemas to go to. Actually, when I want to go watch a movie it's the first name I think of. Also they're the only ones that have IMAX cinemas. So yeah.

Anyway, this little party they organised was sort of in conjunction with the release of the latest Avengers movie Age of Ultron which I have reviewed here. Well, TGV sent out emails to their MovieClub members and I thought I'd be a hoot to just go to it and have a look. Yes, I like the place enough to sign up for a membership card. 

So off we went.

It was held at the The Ballroom in the newly refurbished Jaya Shopping Centre. The email they sent out promised a day of fun for the whole family.

So we went. We were asked to register ourselves first and then were given a goodie bag. In it was a pillow from the movie Penguins of Madagascar which I've also reviewed and can be found here and a couple of free movie passes. Walking in we saw what The Ballroom looked like. It's got an open area sort of set-up. Lot's of places to sit in a variety of seating arrangements and seats. There are private booths as well and a bar just to the left. They've got a mini bowling alley with three lanes. They're really tiny. The balls are about the size of small melons. Or about a little smaller than twice the size of tennis balls. There's an array of three dart board machines with darts that have plastic tips instead of metal ones. A few pool tables. It's sort of a hangout place. 

Anyway, for the purposes of the event, the booths were areas were face painting happened and the pool tables were covered and used for display areas which displayed huge Marvel Superhero figurines. There were also display cases with smaller limited edition Marvel figurines. There were also booths selling comic book related merchandise like t-shirts, comics, figurines, etc. 

Walking in we saw a lot of kids. And parents of course. Quite a number of them dressed as their favorite superhero. A couple of mums and dads too. And there were a smidgen of Cosplayers.

The day was mostly for the kids though. They had games for them and gave away prizes like free movie passes and some figurines. The movie passes ranged from those for their normal seats to IMAX to their premium INDULGENCE theatres. For the adults they had Q&A sessions where they asked trivia about a Marvel related character or movie and if you got it right you won movie passes. 

At the end of the evening they had a lucky draw. When you registered they gave you a slip to fill in with your details which they used for the lucky draw. Lucky me my slip was called and I won a Captain Marvel figurine and 6 passes to their INDULGENCE Theatres. It was pretty cool. Especially the INDULGENCE passes, those are pretty expensive to purchase since you not only get to watch a movie but you get to do it in luxury. You sit in either a single plush seat that's similar to a first class airline seat (or so I've heard) or sit in a plush couples seat. You are also served food and drinks by a waiter and the food is cooked by an actual chef. I'll let you know what it's like when I've actually experienced it.

Anyway, it was a fun way to spend and evening and watching the kids have fun was really entertaining. Hopefully TGV Cinemas has more of these events and I get to go to them. Also the free movie passes are a good thing too. 



  1. Wow, this superhero themed party was fantastic!! I love how you organized everything. Also, that event space nyc is perfect for superhero bash. My son would love to celebrate his birthday in this way!

    1. Yup it was pretty fun. Thank you for the compliment (or where you complimenting how the event was organized?) It's a nice open space and I think it's a nice venue for any event of celebration. Yup you're son would definitely love to be a superhero for a day. I know I would HAHA! Thanks for visiting johan32!