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Hey, Hey, folks! First things first, if you've been following my blog you probably noticed  that for a while i had not only Nuffnang Ads scattered around but lately also Google's Adsense Ads, but over the weekend my Adsense account got blocked. No reason given. Not sure what happened as all I did was stick the ads using the template on Blogger and tried to put a few in using the scripts provided by Adsense. Hopefully, they'll reinstate my Adsense account and I can make a few bucks off this pokey blog of mine. 

The Preamble 

Now that that's out of the way let me get to what this post is all about, LUMI AIR. Last week, I think it was either Wednesday or Thursday I was asked if I was interested in going to a show at Sunway. I didn't know what it was actually but since I had no plans for that evening I said sure why not. After saying I'd go I went online to find out what shows were happening that evening at Sunway. That was when I found out that I was going to Lumi Air but my research into ended right there. I had no idea what I was going to. I had a better idea when I showed up at Sunway and saw the publicity boards.

So what did I surmise from the publicity board? I guessed it was something similar to what Cirque Du Soleil has done and is currently doing. Sort of a mix of theater, art with physical feats usually found in circuses once upon a time. If you don't know or have never heard of Cirque Du Soleil then you're missing out on something amazing. You can read more about them at their webpage here: www.cirquedusoleil.com or a Wikipedia entry of them here, or you can just search for them on youtube. Anyway, I guessed right. It's sort of like Cirque Du Soleil but paired down, simplified. Nothing as extravagant or expressive or artistic or fantastic. But in no way less entertaining. Sort of like getting an ala carte meal as opposed to a set meal at McDonalds. Same burger but without the other stuff, which helps fill you up better than just the burger. 

Anyway, Lumi Air is being held by Sunway Group to celebrate their 40th anniversary and I got the passes courtesy of a family friend who had extra ones. Where is Lumi Air from? Well, a search online doesn't bring up much other than their own website which says the production is from Australia and produced by Angelis Productions Australia. There's an international cast that goes with it and it's directed and produced by industry veterans. So you know you're in for something interesting.

What did I think about it?

In one word? It was interesting. An entertaining evening for sure. You don't get shows like this all that often or ever in Malaysia. So most Malaysians have never seen anything like this with their own eyes, mine included. The sets were minimal so there's nothing to talk about there. The outfits were okay but again nothing special, reminds me of things you'd see in a Vegas show or at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. In fact the dancing in between the acts reminded me of them too. The story? Well, there isn't much I guess, there is one trying to tie each act together but it's nothing special. To my mind the story goes a little like this, beauty goes to the forest meets some fairies, fairies dance around and up pops a charming prince. Stuff happens in between. 

If all that makes it sound like I wasn't impressed, you may be right. So let me tell you what did. The singing, it opens with music and you see on the stage this actress made up to look like a dark angel. At first I thought that was it then I realized she was singing. She sings not throughout but at certain moments and she's pretty good, good enough to make me think it was recorded. But it clearly wasn't. The other thing that impressed me where the meat of the production, the actual Cirque part. The trapeze act was pretty amazing, she soared through the air like she was born to do it. It was amazing to see her swing, then at the peak of the swing let go of the trapeze and do a twirl. Pretty cool. The other thing that amazed me was these two dudes who from a distance looked like they were twins. Their mastery of their strength and balance combined with what they do together was pretty cool. The final thing that was fun were the tumblers. Three guys from Africa or somewhere who would do tumbles and somersaults and balancing acts that entertained the audience but it wasn't what they did it was how they did it. They were acting all silly and goofy and that just put a smile on everyone's face. They also had as part of their act a little audience participation and that raised the fun factor that much more.

Anyway, to sum it up, it's a pretty good show. If you search for these guys online you'll read a lot PR stuff written about how extravagant and colorful it is, and it is but I suggest if you've seen or heard of Cirque Du Soleil to bring your expectations down. If you haven't heard or seen Cirque Du Soleil then this is just a unique night out. Is it memorable? Hard to say since not that many things impress me enough to make it memorable. Again not saying I didn't like the show.

Lumi Air plays at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater from the 29th of November til the 24th of December, so there's still a chance to catch it. Prices start from RM90 to RM160 for kids and from RM110 to RM190 for adults. It's pretty cheap when you consider that there's never been anything like it before in town and probably won't be for a while. Take your kids, they'll enjoy the tumblers antics. Take your significant other out for an interesting evening. 

You can get your tickets and find out more about them at AirAsiaRedTix.com or find out more about Lumi Air, HERE.


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